Thanks to the Dax Foundation we were able to make some of Cora's dreams come true....the funding of Camp Coco helps lots of kids, but for Cora it was one of her greatest times of her life...on a personal note, the bond that Julie and Cora had was so very special. Julie was able to help Cora settle down when the going got tough. For that we will be forever grateful.

Karen Peters | St. Jude Mother

I had a really great time going to the Bears training camp! Getting to see all the players and meeting Mr. Tillman was awesome! I am very thankful for my friends and The Dax Foundation for making it all possible. It gave me something to look forward and have fun during a difficult time.

Dylan | St. Jude Patient

Thanks to the Dax Foundation we were able to pay off our gas and electric bill...I've been disabled and unable to even work part-time due to my son, Tyler's, Leukemia. I am a single mother of three children and our income is very limited at this time and has been since his diagnosis in December of 2013. Also, I wanted to say "Thank YOU" to the Dax Foundation for the Kroger gift card for groceries! We feel very blessed to have received assistance because your generous hearts make a big beautiful difference! Thank you all so very much.

Kristen Musgrove | St. Jude Mother

Our family has been truly blessed by the Dax Foundation. As a recipient family the foundation made it possible for us to get our 16 year old daughter to her specialist and treatment. We know that trip wouldn't have been possible without the great support and financial assistance that we received. Thank you Julie and the entire foundation and supporters.

Melissa Ruhl | St. Jude Mother

When I first met Julie Locke I saw contagious hope in her eyes. She said, "what do you need?" My son was in the fight of his life at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and I thought to myself, he's alive and that's all that matters, we need nothing but that. Only a few weeks after learning of her precious Dax and the foundation that Julie created in his name, I found myself facing another terrifying situation. My sons' father passed away leaving us with no income, frozen bank accounts, and bills that had no forgiveness. The Dax Foundation helped our family keep our home. What could have been the beginning of a financial landslide was averted until I was able to get things resolved. Thank you generous donors.

Sharon Hurd | St. Jude Mother

My family would like to Thank Dax Grant for helping with my mortgage payment. This have been difficult time in our life and you all have really relieve some stress. I thank you not only for helping my family but other families as well. Love Bibbs Family!

Vicky | St. Jude Mother

"We are so incredibly grateful to The DAX Foundation. Alex's mom, Heather, is a single mom, and was worried about having to leave him at St. Jude to go back to Colorado to work to pay her bills. A mother should never have to worry about leaving her child with cancer because of money, but that's the reality. Because of their generosity, Heather was able to stay with Alex at St. Jude. With a sick child, there is already so much to worry about, and they took a huge weight off her shoulders, so she could focus on Alex. A simple thank you is not enough to express our gratitude. What a beautiful organization, run by very kind and caring people. They responded to me so quickly and their response was sincere and compassionate. We are forever grateful to Dax Locke, his family and The DAX Foundation. We will be lifelong supporters fo this wonderful organization."

Katie | St. Jude Aunt

Our family is so thankful for The DAX Foundation, our daughter, Haylee was diagnosed with leukemia and during her treatment she was having a lot of issues with allergies that were causing a lot of health issues and Haylee was getting admitted to the hospital for all the problems she was having. We later connected her health issues to her allergies to the carpet in our house, carpet holds a lot of bacteria and telling a 4 year old to stay off the floor was impossible so her doctor suggested hardwood flooring. Unfortunately I had to leave my job to become her full time care taker so we only have one income and was unable to get rid of our carpet to install hardwood.Thanks to The DAX Foundation we were able to tear out our carpet and put hardwood floors down. Since switching to hardwood we have seen a huge change in Haylee's health and I'm happy to report we haven't been admitted to the hospital in months. We will forever be thankful to Julie and the entire foundation and all the generous donors. I don't think I'll ever be able to say thank you enough!

Melissa Short | St. Jude Mother

We are so thankful for the Dax Foundation and all that it provides. The Dax Foundation provided a peace of mind for us regarding our utility bill, we were able to get caught up and not stress about where the money would come from. Additionally, we are grateful for the assistance with food by providing the Kroger gift card. Our family is amazed at the blessings the Dax Foundation provides for so many in need. Currently our income is not consistent due to lack of snow in our area and my reduced hours in order to care for Amira which will finish up treatment for Leukemia this August!

Jasmine Allen | St. Jude Mother

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